Dental Emergencies

If your child has an accident, please call our office as soon as possible. If it is an after-hours emergency, a pager number for the doctor-on-call will be given on the answering machine.

If a permanent tooth is knocked out of the mouth, locate the tooth, as soon as possible. Please do not scrub the tooth under water. Replace the tooth in the socket if possible. If you are unable to replace the tooth, place the tooth in a glass of milk and call the office immediately. If the tooth is fractured, please bring in any pieces you can find.

Care of the Mouth after Trauma

Please keep the traumatized area as clean as possible.  A soft wash cloth often works well during healing to aid the process.

Watch for darkening or color change with traumatized teeth.  This is a common result following trauma and could be an indication of a dying nerve (pulp). If any swelling should occur, please call our office so we can schedule your child to be seen.  An ice pack should be used during the first 24 hours to keep the swelling to a minimum.

Watch for infection or abscess in the area of trauma.  If an infection of the area or increased mobility of the tooth is noticed – please call the office so your child can be seen as soon as possible.

Maintain a soft diet for two to three days, or until the child feels comfortable eating normally again.  Avoid sweets or foods that are extremely hot or cold. If antibiotics or pain medicines are prescribed, be sure to follow the prescription as directed.

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